Strength Sensei Nutraceuticals and Charles R. Poliquin launch MaxSimil

Published: 12-Dec-2017

Neptune Technologies & Bioressources announces, in partnership with Charles R. Poliquin's Strength Sensei Nutraceuticals, the launch of MaxSimil enhanced Omega Drive omega-3 EPA and DHA product for the strength coaching community

MaxSimil technology mimics the biological digestive process by "predigesting" fish oils to deliver absorption-ready monoglyceride-rich omega-3 fish oils.

The MaxSimil fish oil has been clinically demonstrated with statistically significant results to be more than three (3) times better absorbed than regular fish oils.

"The exclusive license with Strength Sensei Nutraceuticals for the Strength Coach's Community comes on the heels of very strong demand for a MaxSimil-based product in the US practitioner market."

"In the past year, MaxSimil has been an important growth driver of our Solutions Business, and this new agreement and future ones will further support the success of this exciting technology."

"We are also extremely pleased to partner with Charles R. Poliquin, in light of his high profile and reputation in the high performance athletic world," says François-Karl Brouillette, Vice President of Science and Innovation at Neptune.

"Our partnership with Neptune and the exclusive license of MaxSimil gives our community unique access to a patented lipid delivery technology and now makes it possible for us to formulate truly innovative lipid-based dietary supplement products," said Charles R. Poliquin.

"The launch of the MaxSimil enhanced Omega Drive omega-3 EPA and DHA product is, without a doubt, a game-changer in our channel and space today."

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