New analysis finds Concord grape is the most affordable superfruit juice

Published: 9-Jul-2018

An analysis of market prices for superfruit juices in relation to their nutritional profile reveals that Concord grape juice offers a sweet-spot combination of affordability and high polyphenol content

Research has shown that Concord grape juice delivers more healthy polyphenols per serving than most other popular superfruit juices.

In one study, Concord grape juice was found to have a polyphenolic concentration of 2. 6mg GAE/mL.

By contrast, blueberry juice had 2.3 mg, açai and black cherry juices each had 2.1 mg, whereas cranberry juice had 1.7 mg. Only pomegranate juice outperformed Concord grape juice with 3.8 mg.

However, an analysis of current market prices for single-strength juice concentrates shows that Concord grape juice is the cheapest of all of these superfruit juices at just $2.20 per US gallon (3.8 L).

Açai juice is $38.07 or 1630% more expensive, blueberry juice is $4.01 (82% more), pomegranate juice is $3.38 (54% more) and dark sweet cherry juice is $3.33 (51% more).

Cranberry juice, which delivers a polyphenol concentration 35% lower than Concord grape juice, is closer in price at $2.26 but still comes in at 3% more expensive.

Kevin Kilcoyne, VP & General Manager at Concord grape juice supplier Welch’s Global Ingredients Group, said: “A barrier to superfruit juice consumption is the relatively higher cost of the raw materials, which leads to higher price points at retail."

"Our analysis demonstrates that thanks to the Concord grape, it’s possible to formulate a 100% superfruit juice that is not only affordable but also sits at the top end of the scale for positive nutrition. Furthermore, Concord grape juice scores highly on taste – something that can’t be said for some superfruit juices, such as açai, cranberry and pomegranate.”

What makes a fruit super?

There is no official definition of a superfruit. However, it is widely accepted that superfruits deliver high concentrations of polyphenols (healthy plant nutrients) in comparison with other fruits.

Although grapes are sometimes not associated with superfruits, the Concord is a special polyphenol-rich variety that is quite different from standard table grapes. In fact, research has shown that Concord grape juice contains between 74% and 422% more polyphenols than grape juices made from other varieties.

Kevin Kilcoyne added: “Concord grape juice is a superfruit in every sense of the word. It has a compelling trifecta of benefits – great taste, great value and great nutrition. This differentiates it from other superfruit juices available on the market today, as well as other grape juices.”

Welch’s Global Ingredients Group supplies Concord grape juice, puree, pieces and powder to food and beverage manufacturers worldwide. They are perfect for use in beverages, smoothies, snacks, bakery products, confectionery, yogurts, ice cream and desserts.

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