Taste, nutrition and value

Published: 28-Jul-2017

Welch’s showcases triple benefits of Concord grape ingredients

Innovative applications for Concord grape ingredients in the nutrition category will be the key focus for Welch’s Global Ingredients Group at SupplySide West Expo (Las Vegas, 27-28 September 2017).

Among the main attractions on the company’s booth (#R169) will be FruitWorx real fruit pieces.

These delicious and wholesome Concord grape bites are perfect ingredients for healthy snack bars, baked goods and cereals. And, they also make a tasty, nutritious and convenient delivery system for functional ingredients with specific health and wellness benefits.

Also appearing on the Welch’s Global Ingredients Group stand will be FruitWorx Concord grape juice powder and Concord grape superfruit juices and purées.

Native to North America, the Concord grape delivers a distinctively delicious flavour and polyphenols — natural, health promoting plant nutrients — making it a perfect fit for snack foods and beverages in the wellness category.

Furthermore, compared with many other leading superfruit juices, Concord grape juice is an affordable ingredient, helping manufacturers and brands to keep their costs down and retail price-points competitive.

Wayne Lutomski, Vice President International & Welch’s Global Ingredients Group, said: “Great taste, nutrition and value — our Concord grape ingredients really do provide a trio of compelling benefits that’s hard to find in other superfruits. For companies that are looking to differentiate their products, we have a wide range of solutions that check all three of these boxes, and they will be available to see and taste at our booth at this year’s SupplySide West Expo.”

After its highly successful debut at the recent IFT17 Expo, Welch’s Global Ingredients Group’s popular chef station will be making another appearance at this year’s SupplySide West Expo. Tempting the tastebuds will be an array of naturally functional beverages and clean label snack solutions made by an expert culinologist using Concord grape ingredients.

As well as exhibiting at the Expo, Welch’s Global Ingredients Group has been named as SupplySide West’s official 2017 antioxidant sponsor.

The Concord grape is a distinctive dark purple variety that’s singularly delicious and naturally sweet. It is quite different from standard table grapes with a thick skin and crunchy seeds, where the polyphenols are to be found that hold the key to the grape’s goodness.

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