Good taste comes naturally with Welch’s Concord grape ingredients

Published: 25-Sep-2017

Concord grape ingredients offer a natural and effective way to enhance the nutrition and taste of your future innovations, even if they contain on-trend wellness ingredients that have challenging flavour profiles

That is the message Welch’s Global Ingredients Group will bring to the forthcoming SupplySide West Expo, which takes place in Las Vegas, 27–28 September, 2017.

Exhibiting at booth #R169, Welch’s Global Ingredients Group will showcase its portfolio of Concord grape juices and purées, FruitWorx real fruit pieces and FruitWorx Concord grape juice powder.

Welch’s expert culinologist will be whipping up unique applications, highlighting the suitability of these grape solutions as tasty, nutritious and convenient delivery systems for trending functional ingredients in clean-label elixirs, bars and more.

Welch’s ingredients capture the bold and delicious taste of the Concord grape and deliver healthy plant nutrients called polyphenols. This makes them well suited to act as naturally nutritious carriers for other ingredients that regularly present product developers with formulation challenges.

Greg May, Technical Sales Scientist for Welch’s Global Ingredients Group, said: “Many nutrition companies will understand the dilemma. There’s a functional ingredient that consumers are excited about, but it does not taste good. In such situations, you could add flavours, masking agents or added sugar — but these compromise the integrity of your product in terms of its clean label status and health profile.”

“Integrating Concord grape ingredients into a formulation is a simple and effective solution to this problem. Not only do they taste great, but they are also free from added colours, flavours and preservatives and contain only natural fruit sugars. Also, they deliver beneficial polyphenols, which means they will complement the other functional ingredients in the product.”

Native to North America, the Concord grape is a distinctive dark purple variety that is both delicious and naturally sweet.

It is different from standard table grapes and has a thick skin and crunchy seeds where the polyphenols that hold the key to the grapes’ goodness can be found.

Welch’s Global Ingredients Group has harnessed these taste and nutrition benefits to create a range of Concord grape ingredients that includes 100% fruit juices, 100% fruit purées, FruitWorx real fruit pieces and FruitWorx fruit juice powder.

As well as exhibiting at the Expo, Welch’s Global Ingredients Group has been named as SupplySide West’s official 2017 antioxidant sponsor.

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