MEMOPHENOL awarded at the French Innovation Corner

Published: 1-Jul-2016

Award recognises the 4 years of collaborative science-based research

MEMOPHENOL has been awarded at the French Innovation Corner in the category of Pharmaceutical Products at the last Vitafoods Europe show.

MEMOPHENOL has been recognised for its innovation and international resonance among 15 shortlisted products by Nutrimarketing and Bpifrance Innovation.

Developed by ACTIV’INSIDE, following a 4-year French-Canadian international research programme involving 10 academic and industrial partners, MEMOPHENOL combines highly bioavailable French grape (Vitis vinifera) and wild Canadian blueberry (Vaccinium angustifolium) extracts, whose synergistic action is patented.

This award also recognises the R&D at the origin of the important scientific background supporting the effectiveness of MEMOPHENOL. The improvement of cognitive functions, especially learning and memory, has been clinically proven.

Suitable for a wide audience, from student to senior, MEMOPHENOL provides a body of scientific evidence and differentiating elements, ensuring product credibility and consumer loyalty.

Launched for the first time at Vitafoods Europe by Business France, the French Innovation Corner contest has honoured manufacturers of functional ingredients: 15 products were shortlisted by Bpifrance Innovation and Nutrimarketing for their innovation, and by Business France for their international potential, and displayed on the French Innovation Corner booth at the French pavilion.

'This award recognises the 4 years of research undertaken in the framework of the French-Canadian project NEUROPHENOLS,' said David Gaudout, Chief Innovation Officer at ACTIV’INSIDE. 'Whether in the field of chemistry and biology of polyphenols, in neuroscience, or in the engineering of nutritional active ingredients, the synergy of expertise of the various project stakeholders contributed to the development of MEMOPHENOL. This cross-innovation, based on science, is has been recognised with this award,' he added.

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