Bayir announces new patent for groundbreaking applications of curcumin

Bayir, a manufacturer of premium quality ingredients for the dietary supplement, functional food and beverage and nutraceutical industries, recently announced the approval of a process patent for synthesising curcumin nanoparticles

The nanoparticles were developed using Bayir’s in-­house technology.

This patent approval holds great promise for formulators, offering more versatility in applications of curcumin.

“The new patent offers groundbreaking applications for formulators,” said B.G. Bairy, Chairman and Managing Director of the Bayir Group.

“We have been testing nanoparticle applications for a number of years, the impetus being the increasing demand from the consumer market for innovative applications of curcumin."

"The market has really pressed on the need for more bioavailable and readily soluble forms. The new nanoparticle formulation, along with the micronised product variants technology, allows for more diverse and user-­friendly applications, including food, beverage and OTC formulations.”

Bayir uses sophisticated extraction processes to obtain the purest and most concentrated forms of their organic ingredients, including curcumin.

The company maintains nine manufacturing facilities worldwide with specialties including bacopa, glucosamine, chondroitin, organic extracts and a wide range of botanicals such as Garcinia cambogia.

Bayir actively supports the “Bayir Gold” programme, which enforces a top-­level priority on accountability and traceability, with an interest in upholding a higher standard of quality, safety and accountability in the ingredient marketplace.

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