Laboratoire PYC launches new high-protein smoothie formulas


The new, protein smoothies, which have recently been developed, are available in apple-lemon, peach-citrus, red fruit and strawberry-banana flavours

Laboratoire PYC launches new high-protein smoothie formulas

Branded as Proti'Smooth, these instant drinks are high in protein and enriched with active ingredients. Their texture is smooth — like a smoothie — and the tasty wellness drinks are offered to manufacturers of sports and slimming products.

There are four formulas to discover:

  • PROTI’SMOOTH IMMUNITY: this drink combines the traditional properties of ginger and vitamin D to help boost immunity
  • PROTI’SMOOTH SLIM TONIC: for a real slimming boost, Laboratoire PYC has selected a guarana extract
  • PROTI’SMOOTH ANTIOXIDANT: this is the classic smoothie, made with red berries and enriched with vitamin C for its antioxidant action
  • PROTI’SMOOTH RELAX: a soft-textured drink that contributes to the well-being of body and mind; it's enriched with magnesium and vitamin B6.

Proti'Smooth provides 17 g of high biological value proteins. The laboratory's specialist protein team has selected a whey isolate that guarantees a high level of branched-chain amino acids and rapid assimilation.

The R&D department selected different fruit powders, such as apple, cranberry, lemon, peach, banana, and the PYC team then conducted aroma tests (natural flavours) and collected opinions to ensure that final products were rich in taste and high in protein.

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Laboratoire PYC offers these customised formulas packaged in sticks, sachets, pots or stand-up pouches.