Mibelle enters the beauty-from-within market

Published: 24-Jan-2019

Company offers nutricosmetic solutions for hair and skincare

The Swiss company Mibelle AG Biochemistry designs and develops unique, Swiss-quality cosmetic actives for the beauty industry, which are based on naturally derived compounds and profound scientific know-how.

Mibelle Biochemistry was founded in 1991 as a business unit from Mibelle Cosmetics, the largest cosmetic manufacturer in Switzerland.

Now, more than 25 years later and having a huge product portfolio of more than 60 different cosmetic actives sold worldwide, the experience and wide-ranging expertise of Mibelle Biochemistry in the cosmetic industry is now also available for the food, beverage and dietary supplement industry.

Committed to visionary work and anticipating consumer needs, it has designed three new ingestible ingredients, which target different key aspects of the ageing process and support the “beauty from within” trend:

  • anti-hair loss
  • skin collagen protection and formation
  • skin stem cell vitalisation.

Beautiful future

The desire to maintain overall health and a youthful, glowing appearance is a common desire. Along with an increased interest in natural ingredients supporting overall health and well-being, there is a rising number of consumers believing in the concept of beauty from within.

With PhytoCellTec Md Nu, DracoBelle Nu and AnaGain Nu, Mibelle Biochemistry has developed three unique, natural and scientifically sound ingredients, which enable their customers to create promising products for the nutricosmetic market ranging from antiageing formulations and skin perfection applications to hair regrowth creations.

Thanks to their great organoleptic properties and their water solubility the ingredients can not only be combined with a broad range of synergistic ingredients but also be included in a large variety of functional food and beverage formulations.

Mibelle Biochemistry will be presenting these three food actives at the upcoming Vitafoods Europe in Geneva on 7– 9 May 2019, at Vitafoods Asia in Singapore on 25–26 September and at SupplySide West in Las Vegas on 18–19 October.

Dr Fred Zülli, Managing Director at Mibelle AG Biochemistry, said: “We plan to leverage our pioneer know-how in creating unique new active concepts for cosmetics to the food supplement industry. With our strategy, “inspired by nature - realised by science,” we want to serve the growing market for sustainable and innovative dietary supplements.”

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