Rousselot announces the reopening of its upgraded Brazilian innovation lab

Published: 3-Aug-2021

Recently upgraded to serve the growing need for best-in-class application support across the food and nutrition, and pharmaceutical markets, the lab is located in Amparo/SP, Brazil, on Rousselot’s current Peptan collagen peptides manufacturing site

In a strategic move to further strengthen its world-leading lab network, which already includes the global lab in Ghent’s Expertise Center located in Belgium and the regional lab in Wenzhou, China; Rousselot confirms its commitment to bring cutting edge, innovative application support to customers all over the world.

Supporting customers with local innovation, application and formulation expertise

After several months of expansion and modernisation works, the renewed facilities in Brazil will cater to the needs of customers in Latin America with all-round tailored formulation support and product development.

‘We are proud that we can now assist our customers in every step of their product development’ says Andréa Moura Sales & Marketing Director Latin America. ‘Our renewed lab in Brazil can help customers develop their own products and prototypes, by offering customised formulation solutions, as well as inspiration. With our complete range of small and pilot scale equipment, we are able to formulate food and nutrition applications like confectionery, baking and drinks, as well as measure our products’ mechanical properties in our customers’ formulations through specialised analytical equipment’ she adds.

The right support always on top of current market trends

With Rousselot’s Peptan range aimed at products that support people's mobility and beauty, and ProTake’s fortified formulation capabilities expanding to bars, powder drinks and baked foods, the renewed lab will be able to support customers in all key applications and developments in the Food & Nutrition market even more efficiently.

Supporting the development of both pharmaceutical applications and supplements, such as soft gelatin capsules (StabiCaps) and functional gummies (SiMoGel), the lab’s capabilities are also aligned with the latest trends in OTC drugs and supplements highlighted by consumers’ interest in a more proactive approach towards health and prevention.

‘Alongside pushing the boundaries of our collagen products, our overarching focus has always been co-creation and full formulation support. Our dedicated experts develop innovative formulations and new techniques that help us understand our ingredients’ behaviour in different applications and better support our customers by constantly offering pioneering solutions’, explains Claude Capdepon, Global Coordinator, Rousselot Application Laboratories. ‘At the same time, we are dedicated in creating a strong knowledge network by sharing key learnings and findings across our labs worldwide, in order to translate those learnings across all regions and multiple fields’, she highlights.

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