Trace Minerals introduces fresh branding and clean labels

The provider of trace mineral fuelled supplements has had a brand revamp to appeal to young active consumers

Trace Minerals Research, provider of trace mineral fuelled supplements for more than 40 years, has unveiled new brand and packaging designs.

TMR partnered with BrandHive, a marketing and branding firm with 20+ years of expertise in healthy lifestyle products, to develop a new corporate logo and refreshed branding and packaging to help communicate TMR’s legacy in efficacious supplements to a broad range of consumers.

“While we are a well established brand known for our quality, science and efficacy, it is important for younger, active consumers to recognize the benefits of supplementing with these essential minerals,” said Matt Kilts, Managing Partner of TMR.

“After forty years of perfecting trace minerals and the science behind them, we wanted to freshen up our look, and ensure that we are connecting with both our traditional, as well as new customers.”

By gently harvesting the health-promoting ionic minerals found in Utah’s inland sea and making them available to the general public, TMR remains committed to being the best source for essential minerals necessary for maintaining proper health, including magnesium, selenium, lithium and boron.

TMR is stating unabashedly that it adheres to clean label standards and fully transparent sourcing. ConcenTrace and all of the TMR product labels are randomly tested and verified to meet label claims by the Natural Products Association’s TruLabel Program.

“We were so pleased when TMR asked us to help re-imagine the look and feel of the brand and make it more relevant to today’s young, active consumers,” said Jeff Hilton, co-founder and CMO of BrandHive.

“We have a long, storied business relationship with TMR, and we believe the rebranding will make the product line more inviting and accessible to a broader range of consumers.”

The company is also planning to make a strong entrance into the sports nutrition category with a full line of trace mineral products under the TMR Sport and Adventure Athletics brands in 2019.