Vitafoods Europe: Kaneka supports intense training

Published: 4-Apr-2019

The mironutrient Ubiquinol combined with the liquorice extract Glavonoid is awaiting results of a study to prove efficiacy in increasing muscle mass

At this year’s Vitafoods Europe, Kaneka will demonstrate the potential of its proprietary, stable Kaneka Ubiquinol for athletes. Ideal for nutritional combination products, the micronutrient is an essential part of the body’s respiratory chain and therefore boosts energy, recovery and overall health. The success of sports products #powered by Ubiquinol is supported by an ongoing consumer study and the German Sport University Cologne’s no-doping seal.

Safe and versatile

Focusing on today’s consumer demands for all-round sports nutrition, ingredient supplier Kaneka has, together with its partners, developed nutraceutical supplements and sports nutrition products in a variety of dosage forms. These prototypes include energy gels, liquids, powder sticks and various types of capsule.

By using optimal combinations of Kaneka Ubiquinol and a broad range of further ingredients, such as vitamins, minerals and power boosting nutrients like carnitine and taurine, these special applications are able to focus on distinct consumer needs.

The concepts support, for instance, the building of muscle mass, weight loss, or rapid recovery after intense training. They have been tested by the renowned German Sport University Cologne, offering athletes the reassurance that supplementation with Kaneka Ubiquinol is non-doping.

Supporting healthy muscles

Moreover, a new consumer study is underway providing further proof of the efficacy of the combination of Ubiquinol with the company’s unique liquorice extract Glavonoid.

It has already been scientifically confirmed that in combination with exercise, Glavonoid can contribute to the maintenance of skeletal muscle mass, and even increase it. “Ubiquinol Muscle“ soft gelatin capsules contain an equal dose of Ubiquinol and Glavonoid in order to increase muscle mass without negative side effects.

Strength training is essential for building muscles, but it simultaneously triggers inflammatory processes inside the muscle fibres that lead to pain and an imbalance in amino acid levels. With its antioxidative action, Kaneka Ubiquinol, together with protein, ameliorates these symptoms, while Glavonoid liquorice flavonoids are able to suppress inflammatory mechanisms.

A consumer study is now being conducted among male and female recreational athletes. Results, to be published this May, are expected to back the scientific finding that daily intake for one month positively influences vitality, muscle pain and the increase of measured muscle mass.

Filip Van hulle, Senior Manager at Kaneka’s Quality of Life Division, said: “The sports nutrition market is growing continuously while consumer demands for targeted products are rising. Our stable Kaneka Ubiquinol offers enormous potential in terms of health benefits plus processing options. With our campaign #Powered by Ubiquinol, we are showing just a few of the most important application forms, but the possibilities for all-round sports nutrition products are endless.”

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