Omya offers new functionalised calcium carbonate with superior bioavailability

Published: 7-May-2020

Omyaforte ingredient targets the nutraceutical and calcium-fortified food markets

Mineral ingredients manufacturer and specialty distributor, Omya, has launched Omyaforte 100-OG, a highly bioavailable source of calcium.

The new ingredient is suitable for fortified foods and powdered supplement formulations aimed at athletes, healthy agers and others who may have a calcium deficiency.

Based on high-purity natural calcium carbonate, which is functionalised by a patented recrystallisation process, Omyaforte 100-OG offers a new mineral composition and structure.

This leads to higher solubility of calcium salt in acidic environments, such as gastric juice, for enhanced bioaccessibility, and better calcium uptake in the bloodstream.

Therefore, the ingredient is perfectly suited to applications with a high content of bioavailable calcium, such as bone health mixtures, rehydration solutions and calcium capsules. In addition, Omyaforte 100-OG can be used to fortify products such as baked goods, as well as drinks.

Compared with calcium citrate and natural calcium carbonate, Omyaforte 100-OG offers a significantly higher content of bioavailable calcium.

It contains 39% elemental calcium — almost twice as much as calcium citrate. As Omyaforte 100-OG combines both high levels of elemental calcium and effective calcium uptake, only a small amount is needed to reach recommended daily intakes: 770 mg of the mineral ingredient is required to achieve 30% of the recommended 1000 mg calcium per day.

This amount can be easily incorporated into powdered products, such as chocolate drinks, without affecting sensory properties or textures.

Together with collagen specialist, Gelita, Omya has developed a cocoa drink that offers an excellent calcium source for bone health. The beverage powder prototype combines Omyaforte 100-OG and Gelita’s specific collagen peptides FORTIBONE for improved bone stability and flexibility.

Stefan Lander, Vice President Consumer Goods, Group Sales and Marketing at Omya, said: “The amount of calcium in the diet is not the only thing that is important for strong bones. Also crucial is the bioavailability of this calcium – in other words, the amount that is absorbed by the intestine."

"For many people, particularly athletes, the elderly and those who avoid dairy products, it can be difficult to achieve an adequate calcium intake. In addition, during adolescence, the body requires more calcium to build strong bones. For these groups, calcium supplements and fortified foods can be helpful.”

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