Why prebiotics are a superfood for gut health and general wellbeing

Published: 12-Apr-2023

With diet, we influence the gut microbiome and its composition. In other words, what we eat has an influence on the kind of bacteria living inside us. These bacteria interact with the body in many ways, and thereby influence our overall health

What if there was a way to positively influence the gut by promoting the beneficial bacteria? This is exactly the idea of prebiotics. Prebiotic chicory root fibres are the preferred food for the beneficial bacteria such as Bifidobacterium and Lactobacillis strains. When we consume chicory root fibre, we selectively feed these beneficial bacteria. This leads to many different benefits for human health. It is why you have a superfood at hand!

All this becomes more specific when considering that the gut and its microbiota play a role in many important functions in the body. We even call the gut “the second brain”. It affects our hormone production and it’s where the major part of our immune system is based.

Chicory root fibres have always been at the heart of prebiotic research. BENEO has pioneered and supported this research since the beginning in 1995. Today, the prebiotic concept is accepted world-wide and chicory root fibres Inulin and oligofructose are established prebiotics. Evidence from as much as 50 human intervention studies have demonstrated the significant increase in bifidobacterial, with an intake of 3g per day or more. Significant improvements of bowel functions have been confirmed as well, demonstrating related health benefits. Both together provide the highest level of scientific evidence demonstrating that chicory root fibres are proven prebiotics.

Our experts have created a paper that explains the uniqueness of these prebiotics. Read it here.

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