Explore acacia gum and its positive impact on gut health

Published: 1-Feb-2021

French leader in natural gums Alland & Robert has researched the role Acacia gum can play in gut health, and announces it is a gut-friendly agent that helps with the digestive wellness of consumers who regularly suffer from intestinal disorders

In recent years, the gastrointestinal (GI) system has been linked to numerous aspects of health: from digestion to weight management, to immunity, to chronic illnesses. As scientists continue to explore the role played by the GI on human health, the digestive health market is expected to grow to $59 Billion by 2025*.

There is significant demand for food, beverages and dietary supplements with digestive health advantages. As a leading manufacturer of acacia gum, Alland & Robert decided to research to role acacia gum can play in gut health and provide scientific data that support the use of acacia gum as a gut health improver.

Acacia gum taken daily improves intestinal discomfort and pain

Alland & Robert mandated a leading company in consumer insight & sensory marketing. They recruited 240 consumers who declared they suffered regularly from intestinal. The consumers received various dosages of acacia gum to take daily for 2 months.

After 60 days, 88% of consumers declared to have low intestinal pain, and over 80% perceived an improvement of their intestinal discomfort. Overall, 78% of consumers said the daily intake of acacia gum had a beneficial effect on their gut health.

The study helped to highlight that acacia gum improves global digestive wellness and relieves the symptoms of intestinal discomfort. As such, acacia gum can be an efficient ingredient for the formulation of gut health friendly food and beverages.

Acacia gum, a prebiotic fibre for a diversity of applications

Acacia gum is also a fibre and a prebiotic. Thanks to its functional properties, it is a good ingredient to enhance the fibre content of food products without compromising the appearance, texture, or flavour of the food product. Based at the University of Montpellier, Professor Christian Sanchez and his team have been working for over eight years on new uses for acacia gum.

Professor Sanchez said: "Because of its classification as a fibre and its emulsifying properties, acacia gum could, theoretically, be used in all formulated food products since it also has the advantage of being temperature stable. Think yogurts, dairy products and derivatives, as well as baked goods and, more broadly, any flour-based products".

Alland & Robert has been manufacturing Acacia gum since 1884. Their technical paper summarising the results of the research about acacia gum and gut health can be requested on their website: https://www.allandetrobert.com/acacia-gum-and-gut-health/

* 2018 to 2025. www.fiormarkets.com/report/digestive-health-products-market-by-ingredients-dairy-products-385973.html February 20, 2020.

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