Gado-Go Mg magnesium citrate product provides convenient nutrition for fitness enthusiasts

Published: 20-Apr-2020

Flavoured Gado-Go Mg powders dissolve instantly in the mouth without the need for water

Gadot Biochemical Industries has announced the launch of a novel magnesium citrate product, Gado-Go Mg, that has been engineered to be immediately useful for travellers and anyone on the go, as well as for athletes, trainers and those who exercise regularly – to obtain a high-quality source of magnesium, conveniently.

Gado-Go Mg is a ready-to-use powder available ideally for your branded stickpack (sachet) fulfilment, delivering 350 mg of magnesium, the average RDI, per packet.

Gado-Go Mg powder has several key benefits that will be highly favourable among the millions of sports nutrition consumers, according to Ohad Cohen, Chief Executive Officer of Gadot Biochemical Industries.

The Gado-Go Mg flavoured powder can be customised to requested flavours. It dissolves in the mouth instantly, without the need for water (similar to the Pop Rocks concept). The high-bioavailability magnesium citrate powder has no sugars or additives and is easy-to-use while on the run, bicycling or hiking.

"Magnesium is an essential mineral for athletes and people who are seriously into fitness,” Cohen said. It has been shown in multiple studies to prevent cramps from intense workouts, promote recovery and increase energy by stimulating adenosine triphosphate (ATP) production.

“While producing energy, our body converts carbohydrates into calories and produces citric acid. Magnesium in citrate form is recognised as one of the most suitable mineral vehicles to achieve absorption,” adds Cohen.

Gadot Biochemical Industries developed the Gado-Go Mg sachet in response to the increased need for convenience and the growing consumer understanding that on-the-go replenishment helps them achieve fitness and competitive goals as well as supporting overall wellness and enhanced recovery.

“The consumer simply pours the contents of one sachet directly onto the tongue. The powder dissolves completely within a few seconds and can be absorbed and utilised much more quickly than tablets or even gummies,” Cohen noted.

According to Cohen, these attributes should be quite favourable for the millions of active individuals who want the benefits of magnesium citrate during training and working out.

Gadot offers a range of citrate-based minerals for various applications such as dietary supplements, dairy products, sports drinks and beverages.

Gadot provides tailor-made solutions such as Gadomag+ soluble magnesium citrate, Gadomag K, which contains 10% magnesium and 10% potassium content, Gadocal K a calcium and potassium compound both providing no sedimentation and stable dispersion without stabilizers and the Gadot Sport line for a good mineral balance before, during, and after sports activities, with magnesium which is not always included in many sports drinks today.

With broad experience in developing innovative products tailored to the unique applications of each customer, Gadot Biochemical Industries has earned a worldwide reputation for producing high quality bioavailable products. To many of its customers, Gadot has become a strategic supplier. More than 95% of Gadot's production is exported to leading companies in the food, beverage and nutraceuticals industries.

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