PLT Health Solutions launches KINEXA joint health complex into the EMEA and Asian markets


Patented, synergistic formulation delivers scientifically supported improvement in joint comfort in 2 weeks

PLT Health Solutions has introduced a new joint health ingredient into the EMEA and Asian markets that has been clinically shown to deliver improvements in joint comfort within 2 weeks.

Called KINEXA joint health complex, the ingredient is a patented, synergistic formulation of three botanicals selected by cutting-edge screening techniques. For formulators of joint health products, KINEXA offers a highly attractive value proposition, delivering improvements in joint comfort, stiffness and improved physical functioning that their customers will feel.

This new ingredient is an addition to the highly successful joint health portfolio of PLT Health Solutions, which includes ingredients featured in some of the world’s best known consumer joint health formulations.

According to Seth Flowerman, Executive Vice President of PLT Health Solutions, the experiential dimension of KINEXA is the kind of consumer benefit that companies can build brands on. 'Consumers are looking for experiential ingredients that they know will work to support their joint comfort. Compared with some widely used joint health ingredients that may take 2–3 months to show results, KINEXA is fast acting, showing statistically significant reduction in pain scores within 2 weeks.'

'That is an experiential effect that consumers will recognise and turn to over and over,' he added: 'KINEXA is a completely new, patented joint-health concept that works. Built on cutting-edge science and advanced screening techniques, KINEXA is well-positioned to power leading global consumer brands.'

New, large clinical trial demonstrates efficacy

In a recent clinical trial with more than 100 men and women, KINEXA significantly improved Total WOMAC scores in a dose-dependent fashion. Continuous improvement in Total WOMAC scores were observed throughout the 90-day trial.

The Western Ontario and McMaster Universities Arthritis Index (WOMAC) is a widely used, proprietary set of standardised questionnaires used by health professionals to evaluate pain, stiffness and physical functioning of the joints.

Secondary endpoints, WOMAC subscores for pain, stiffness and physical functioning were similarly improved in a dose-dependent fashion through the duration of the trial. Corroborating these efficacy results, Visual Analog Scores (VAS) and Luquesne Functional Index (LFI) also showed statistically significant improvement.

A novel and unique joint health Ingredient from PLT

KINEXA is the latest joint health ingredient from PLT Health Solutions. Initially, KINEXA will be available in the Europe and Asian markets, diversifying PLT’s joint health offerings in those regions. 'At PLT, we and our partner, Laila Nutraceuticals, have a significant, ongoing interest in the joint health category, and we’re committed to bringing innovative answers to the market,' said Flowerman.

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'With KINEXA, we have an ingredient that provides scientifically supported performance, and we are confident that KINEXA will become the foundation for top-selling joint health products around the world,' he added.

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