The right nutrient premix for every phase of life

Published: 21-Mar-2017

Not only do vitamins and minerals promote fitness and health, they can also bring about considerable cost reductions for health services

Such is the conclusion of recent survey done by Frost & Sullivan for Food Supplements Europe.

The survey found that, in Europe, nearly €4 billion/year in treatment costs caused by bone fractures resulting from osteoporosis could be saved through the intake of vitamin D and calcium alone.

According to the study, 1000 mg of calcium and 15 µg of vitamin D reduce the risk of disorders caused by osteoporosis by 15%. At this year’s Vitafoods, SternVitamin will show how foods and food supplement manufacturers can generate new value-added potential with specific product concepts.

At the exhibition, the supplier of customised vitamin and mineral premixes will present individual micronutrient premixes for different target groups and needs.

The health and lifestyle concepts range from bone health to strengthening the body’s defences and the cardiovascular system to beauty support.

One example is the new Relax Premix directed towards people at work and students preparing for exams. Dr Sabine Hildebrandt, Head of R&D at SternVitamin, says: “The Relax Premix helps you achieve relaxation on hectic days at work without causing sleepiness. On the contrary, you stay wide awake but feel less nervous and stressed.”

To achieve this effect, SternVitamin prepares the premix with ginseng extract, vitamins B6, B12 and C, niacin and pantothenic acid. This special complex of active ingredients has a balancing effect, thus strengthening the nerves and enhancing mental performance. The nutrient mix is ideal for fortifying soft drinks, teas, snacks or sweets.

Whether fortified foods or food supplements, today’s market demands much greater differentiation than in the past. The products have to be adjusted to consumers’ individual situations and phases of life.

Together with its customers, SternVitamin develops tailor-made micronutrient premixes to meet their varying needs — from childhood to old age.

As such, the company emphasises the advantages of the EU health claims in its marketing.

“The permitted health claims for vitamins, minerals and trace elements cover a wide range of applications,” says Dr Hildebrandt. “If you take a closer look at the list, you will find something suitable for many regions and physical functions. That offers our customers tremendous marketing potential — especially if the micronutrients are supplemented with health-supporting plant extracts and the like.”

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